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Teaching Dance Blog

Subjects Offered

The dance classes and activities below are usually offered in both the Easton and Randolph dance studios. After reviewing them please visit our registration page.

Birthday Parties: Ideal for children age 2-13, our dance studios in Easton and Randolph are available for your child's birthday party. Choose one of our themes or create your own dance party. Learn more

Contemporary: Involves techniques that are influenced by modern, postmodern and ballet dance styles. A newer dance genre that does not necessarily adhere to traditional structured dance movements.

Jazz: Combines the study of rock, disco, musical, comedy, lyric, afro, funk and modern dance. Jazz is a prerequisite for work in any other dance styles.

Tap: Combines the study of rhythm, precision and fluidity of movement and style. Tap dancing is an excellent way to increase coordination between mind and body.

Ballet: Includes traditional barre and center work designed to build a beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise. After sufficient study of Ballet, a student is advanced to Pointe work.

Pointe: Involves rising to the tips of the toes while performing steps from Ballet. Pointe work requires considerable strength and skill and is a central part of a Ballet dancer's training. Pointe work requires sufficient Ballet experience and hard-toed Pointe shoes.

Hip Hop: Ideal for those students who enjoy dancing socially, with emphasis on the latest dance moves.

Kinderdance: For students age 2-4, Kinderdance combines Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Tumbling in one 45 minute class.

Combination Class: For students age 5-8, Dance Workshop offers a 60 minute class combining Tap, Ballet and Jazz.

AfroCaribb: AfroCaribb infuses African and Caribbean dance styles to have you sweating to the latest AfroBeatz and Soca vibes. Classes are offered in our Randolph studio only, and begin with a short warm up followed by a choreographed routine.